6 months ago
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Common app question

It says common app opens on Aug 1st for fall 2022 apps- but can we start filling earlier or have to wait till aug 1st to fill out the application?

@Melokenzie6 months ago

You can definitely start early! I have, just make sure your personal info is up to date when you do submit it.

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2 answers

6 months ago

You're able to start filling it out now if you want to!

6 months ago

Yes, you can fill out the common app now. I know because I’ve started too. August 1 is when you can begin to submit the Common Application to colleges for early admissions.

Most schools let you apply from August 1-November 1 for early accept and/or early decisions.

Most schools have a January deadline for regular decisions.

Good luck in your applications!


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