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Gabrielle Sones

BA Communications
Since 2017, I have helped friends and younger students put their best foot forward in the college admissions process. I've tutored in essay writing for many years and edited application essays for many more! I graduated from UCLA's class of 2021 with degrees in Communications and Music Industry and worked for a major record label as my first job. In an industry where networking is so important, I've learned how valuable it is to reach out to older and more experienced peers for advice. It's what's helped me reach where I am today, and I want to pay it forward to the younger generation. I think it's important for applicants to showcase their talents and highlight what could make them a valuable addition to a campus, so choosing essay topics, strategizing school lists, and developing your area of interest are crucial. Looking forward to helping more folks with this process!
Political Science Communications Journalism Music LGBTQ+ students

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Have an idea for a new livestream? Let us know!